Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kotori Chinese Awaken Making

Last cosplay photoshoot back in February, Kotori from Love Live! Chinese dress awaken ver.

Reference photo. Love the costume so much~ so pretty! *w*

Base. I searched for so long for the floral fabric going stores to stores! Wanted to get something as similar as possible to the original design & im happy with this fabric that i found 

Wanted to find the blue fabric will more detailed patterns but couldnt find it :( ..so plain one it is~

Zipper on the back side.

Bought a big pack of gold trimming thinking that i can use it for a long time. Can't believe that i finished it all on this very costume! 


Really happy how it turned out :3 ♥ 

Ribbon making. Love Live costume always have tons of ribbons! 

Someone's being a naughty girl~

♥ ♥ 

Hand sewed fake chinese buttons with gold trimmings. For me, this is the most tiring part of all.

Lace trimming is love 

Flower made with fabric glued together. *vanilla yawning at the back* :3

Hair accessory done!  

& 2 layers of lace fabric for the skirt. 

This is currently my the most satisfied set of costume I've ever made! Probably because this time i made it with measurements and carefully sewed everything together which is not what i usually will do xD

Full view ♥ ♥ ...Boots are made with gluing on gold trimmings :)

More photos on my fb page!  x

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kotori Mogyutto Love

Kotori's Mogyutto Love de Sekkin Chu ver shoot 2 days ago ♥ 

I love this set of costume very much!! Even though there are some parts that are poorly made. 

Skirt - Full circle green & half circle black.

White full circle + lace trimming for inner skirt.

Loveee ♥ 


Sleeves :)

Super love the bottom view because of the lace! xD

Gold ribbon.


 Fur fabric for the fluffy cuffs.

For the μ's word. I tried fabric painting but ruined the apron and end up remaking the whole thing. Then i thought of using bling felt but gold/yellow ones are sold out everywhere! I wanted it to bling so i looked for this kind of card (pic above) & glued on felt then pinned onto the apron.

& my flurry earrings! Loveee 

A shot from the shoot by Julian :)

- End -

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Love Live! Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

This time i cosplayed as Kotori! ...I feel that im more suited for Kotori cuz im not cute enough for Honoka xD

Only got a few pictures this time~


I really love the hair bow  ... Also changed the green bow afterwards cuz the colour is not right~

Much ruffles, very tired~

Gloves making. Failed on my first attempt.

Badly made but looks fine on pictures xD

♥ ♥ 

- End -