Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kagome Sailor Fuku DIY

Second cosplay costume made, Kagome's school uniform! Kagome from Inuyasha, one of my fav older anime series! & i also bought a new dress mannequin from taobao for future clothes making! Yayy. It was so freaking expensive, especially the postage fee! But still cheaper than buying from other places & i know its going to help a lot in the future, no more poking myself with needles! :D 

I made the top cropped, following the anime. Normally they are not cropped if you buy from other places which is not a good thing. Just like my Jigoku Shoujo's sailor fuku that should have been more cropped, maybe i should edit it myself? :D

Most satisfied with my pleated skirt, it just needs more ironing~ I think Kagome's skirt is a lot shorter in the anime but i made it longer cause i dont want to go peek-a-boo ><

 Here's the big mess on the back side that needed adjustments! Im gonna call it "thing" because i dont know what it's called.. xD

Everything was sewed together already and mommy told me that if i want to correct this thing i need to detach everything from the base & attaching this thing to the base top is the hardest part in the process of making this costume! Second hardest will be attaching the sleeves. So i was not willing to detach it & just made adjustments like that... yesimalazyperson

 Mannequin helped a lot in the adjustment process! 

 & taaaa-daaaa.. Not too bad laaaaaa (?).. haha

 :)... Forgot to put on the red cloth thingy

Wanna start making costume for next cosplan but currently i already have a few costumes just laying around because Kuching dont have much chance to cosplay so im telling myself to pause for now. & next challenge : Making casual/ everyday clothes? I think this will be alot harder than making cosplay costumes because you need to make it look natural or else you're going to look weird when you're going out. lol.. Wish me luck! xx

Sunday, October 13, 2013

First DIY Costume-making Experience [Inori]

If you are following my Instagram @harukobev, you'll know that i got a sewing machine just recently! Im extremely happy about it because i always wanted to try making clothes especially cosplay costumes like many other cosplayers do. It seems like a lot of fun and also, it can save tons of money! & so about a week ago, i made my first costume!

Taa-daa~~ Inori white dress version! Of course i chose a more simple dress design for starter. 

 Side view.

& some wip photos~
 Searched for sample photos before i started and this is my very-ugly draft~

Top part.

Sew together the top part & the 2 layered dress

I think the hardest part for me is positioning the zipper which you need to match both sides. I didnt mange to match it the first time & i need to cut off the threads and re-sew. I don't have a dress form so i need to use myself to position the zipper and ended up keep poking myself with pins which hurts a lot. @@

& the finished dress :)... Should have chosen a wider ribbon & dont know why the ribbon became so curvy after i sew it on (wrong settings on the sewing mechine?). I need to make a lot of adjustments with hand sewing after, which made the dress looks really ugly when you take a closer look.

The dress suppose to be more flare-ish like this~ But i didn't manage to do it :(.. But still, im quite happy with the outcome even though there's a lot of negative parts since im just a noobie in this. & im quite proud of myself for someone that have zero knowledge in these :).. Will not wear this to an actual event because of the bad sewing but will definitely do a photoshoot! It won't look that bad in photos i guess? ><

Wanna start making my next costume! But currently need to focus on my mid-term exam first~ Cant wait!! xx

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay

Had my Inori cosplay photoshoot 2 months ago~ Some shots of the day 

- Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown uniform version -

Partner shots with Jasper as Shu

Last shot & also fav shot of the day :D

Im happy with my photos~ yay... Inori uniform version cosplay photoshoot success! Wanna do more versions of Inori especially the white dress version. Looking forward to my next cosplay! Have a few cosplan in my head already :D

Photos by 黄正钦の摄影之路