Sunday, October 13, 2013

First DIY Costume-making Experience [Inori]

If you are following my Instagram @harukobev, you'll know that i got a sewing machine just recently! Im extremely happy about it because i always wanted to try making clothes especially cosplay costumes like many other cosplayers do. It seems like a lot of fun and also, it can save tons of money! & so about a week ago, i made my first costume!

Taa-daa~~ Inori white dress version! Of course i chose a more simple dress design for starter. 

 Side view.

& some wip photos~
 Searched for sample photos before i started and this is my very-ugly draft~

Top part.

Sew together the top part & the 2 layered dress

I think the hardest part for me is positioning the zipper which you need to match both sides. I didnt mange to match it the first time & i need to cut off the threads and re-sew. I don't have a dress form so i need to use myself to position the zipper and ended up keep poking myself with pins which hurts a lot. @@

& the finished dress :)... Should have chosen a wider ribbon & dont know why the ribbon became so curvy after i sew it on (wrong settings on the sewing mechine?). I need to make a lot of adjustments with hand sewing after, which made the dress looks really ugly when you take a closer look.

The dress suppose to be more flare-ish like this~ But i didn't manage to do it :(.. But still, im quite happy with the outcome even though there's a lot of negative parts since im just a noobie in this. & im quite proud of myself for someone that have zero knowledge in these :).. Will not wear this to an actual event because of the bad sewing but will definitely do a photoshoot! It won't look that bad in photos i guess? ><

Wanna start making my next costume! But currently need to focus on my mid-term exam first~ Cant wait!! xx

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