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Comic Fiesta 2013

Hello! My delayed cf post~ Wanted to do separate posts for day1 & day2 because i have a lot of photos but i think im going to delay my day2 post even more if i do. So here's my summarized post for 2 days. Went to Comic Fiesta 2013 & it was awesome. It's the biggest ACG event in Malaysia & also my first event outside the state. & they said that cf this year opened all 6 halls which was the first time so biggest CF ever. So much love for it! I didnt get much photos of the event though, most photos are of me lol. You can visit Comic Fiesta's official page [Link] :)

Look of the day at CF day 1. Cosplaying as Mirai Suenaga from Culture Japan cheerleader version. ...It's my favorite version of Mirai-chan. I always wanted to be a cheerleader since little, dream came true a bit? xD. Tailor made the costume, that time i still dont have my sewing machine. Would like to try and make costumes of other versions of Mirai-chan in the future :D

Also, for the first time i made coscards :D. If you're not a cosplayer, coscards are like name cards, we exchanged during events so we can look for /keep in touch with the people we meet at events. My Christmas themed coscard, designed and printed on the day im flying to KL.Very last minute i know ><...  It was a good idea printing Christmas themed coscard at first and now i think it was quite stupid because i have some left overs but its kinda meaningless now that Christmas is over. If not i can still use it in the future. First time first time~~

First time on the streets in my cosplay! Chan Tung, a friend back in Kuching came and picked us up, he was going to cf too. He parked at somewhere near KL central and we walked there then took the monorail to KLCC. He parked at KLCC last year when he went for CF2012 and the parking ticket was damn expensive. Experienced person :D

@ Convention Centre located beside KLCC twin tower :).. & also first time i don't feel very shy walking around in the mall in my cosplay! loll cuz there are just so many cosplayers around!

With Zach .. Without him i wound not get to come at all.

Our day1 tickets.

Just look at the crowd! It will be nice enough if Kuching can have 1/10 of this :). You literally need to squeeze your way through the event.  

Spot me & Chan Tung behind me :D

Met Angie :D. Malaysia cosplayer and one of my favorite too. Bought her Asuna & Christmas prints~ I admire her cosplays since her page have around 1000 likes & now she have like 20,000 +! She's just so adorable that you wont believe that she's a few years older than me! 

Mirai poster! Went to Culture Japan booth to buy their Tshirt with Chan Tung. One for rm90 & two for rm75. I bought the Kinomo Mirai T :D.. The queue for the booth was so long!

Love the 3D Mirai dancing in a pyramid thingy. It was COOL AND CUTE! Took a video of it but size is too big to be uploaded~ & sadly there was no Mirai itasha this year :(... Was so looking forward to see one.

Also met Danny Choo! :D.. Papa of Mirai, the character im cosplaying as. Know more about Culture Japan visit the website [Link] :)

There are a lot, i mean A LOT of booths selling ACG related goodies. *Otaku Heaven*.. Read my cf hauls at Dayre /harukobev. :)

 & some displays. Look at all the pretty figures *w*... Would like to be a collector if possible!

 A shot with CF official mascots :D

 Met some Kuching cosers :D

 Childhood movie! omg i love this shot xD

 Love this mascot! So cute, it wont stop jumping around & flapping its short arms xDD

 With little NekoTenshi as Mirai Tora. So adorable!

Some shots of my cosplay...

 Photo by Runce Lim

 Photo by YongSheng Ionicle

Photo by A.R.C

Thanks for all the photos!!♥  For more photos see my tagged photos on facebook! :)


Changed into my Mirai kinomo T and head for dinner after the event. Didnt get to look around much on Day1 & im very sorry to Chan Tung, he had the whole day planed out but missed some of his plans because i was stopped to take photos a few times and they always waited for me. Gomennasaiiii!

-Day1 end-

Day 2 as Stocking angel version! Also my favorite version of Stocking. I love my two tone Stocking wig so much! Would like to cosplay more versions of Stocking in future too, currently thinking of her uniform version ♥. Didn't wear lens that day cause i woke up with a big swollen eye, good thing it became better when i reach the event. My makeup was too light for Stocking! & Im so mad at myself for forgetting to put on my choker necklace! omg how can i forgot?!! & i only noticed when i got back =/

 Day 2 ticket :)

 & again the big big crowd.

Spent more time at the cosplay area on day2 & met a friend, Cing Joo! Kuching coser :D. He got separated from his friends in the big crowd and so we spent the whole day together. In the end we got separated by the crowd too! lollll... Don't we look like we came out from the same series?? haha. We have the exact same wig colour, but you cant really see his pink hair parts with his hat on.

 Me trying to get a dramatic shot of him & asked Zach to flip his cape. *Zach's hand spotted* xD

 Me with Mephisto's hat, suit me don't you think? ;)

Met Kimikki, Kuching coser too! We used to be classmates in highschool :D... Nice to see you even though it was a short meeting~

Lee Ai Lee, also a Kuching coser. It was so hard to spot people in CF! I didn't see them at all on day1! Wanted to meet some of the cosers i know on facebook but i didnt get to see any of them! Sadddd :(

With Angie as Mirai in Solar Marine uniforms at Culture Japan booth as their official mascot. So pretty! I felt lucky cause many people wanted to take pictures with her but missed her & me just passing by wanted to go to stage area and spotted her xD

Some shots of my cosplays....
 Love this shot but messy wig ><

Photo by Visual Artwork :)... More photos on facebook!

At 3pm, i took off my costume & wig & finally have time to look around & still, the place was too big that i didnt have enough time to go through everything! Also, now i get what a cosplayer said before "you became invisible when you're not cosplaying in an event." LOL. It's true! After i changed, i experienced what Zach kept complaining for two days at the event, that people kept bumping you without caring. Especially people like Zach that was carrying a big backpack (my bagpack btw :P) was pushed around in crowd. Poor guy. & he kept sitting at the side when i went shopping around the place because his feet hurts. Boyfriend that only came for the girlfriend~ But at least i think he enjoyed the event. I know i did! xD

 Stage area :)

 Ugly messy me in normal mode*

Ending the event with Livetune! It's like clubbing  but with Japanese songs, that's a first! :D

Read my Dayre for my CF hauls & about Onnies~ Because im lazy to write the same thing here lolll. Oh & i lost my favorite badge i bought at CF, my Haruka with a dolphin badge! Im so sad!!!! & it was more expensive than the others too :(

Anyway, i had a great time!! Even though i missed a lot of things and also didn't really get to meet a lot of people, i love to join again next year if possible! Or maybe some other events too :D.. That time, i think i should make a schedule like Chan Tung so i won't missed anything i really wanted to see and also be more sociable, which im really bad at! Zach was the one that gave out most of my coscards because of that @@.. Wish to make more friends in future events! :)


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