Thursday, March 27, 2014

Making of Asuna Cosplay

& finally my Asuna cosplay complete! A very very very delayed cosplan! Will be sharing my sword making process and a very easy tutorial of making my Asuna's shoes today :)

Costume bought online with self adjustments.

Asuna's Shoes EASY tutorial!

You can actually buy professionally made Asuna shoes online but i think it's too expensive & plus its fun trying to make things yourself! :D... Before i started on the shoes, i googled for tutorial but i didnt really find anything i like. Some are messy & some are just too complicated. So i thought of a way (a very very easyyyyy way) to make them myself~ xD

 1. Find a pair of shoes similar to Asuna's.

 2. With eva foam, draw out the shape and size you want (use shoes for reference).

3. Cut it out. You can use different colours eva foam, it doesn't matter because we are going to spray it later~

4. Spray~

5. Super glue it together.


Tadaaaaaa~~ Don't know whether my tutorial is any good, but this is how i made mine. Hope it helps :)

NEXT! Sworddddddd making process.

No tutorial cuz i wasnt really sure what i was doing during the process. Just-go-with-it me xD
*Ugly draft.

Tadaaaaaa. It looks okay form afar but BADDD up close! Not good at this but it's nice to challenge something new :)... Cosplay friend was like wtffff?!??! with the materials i used lolllllll. Amateur here with no help D: ... & my sword is currently falling apart after the Astro event i attended!

Have the urge to have a photoshoot of my Asuna!! Before my sword really fall apart @@

Suddenly feel like re-watching SAO! *w* xx

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