Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Page

Hello, a short update here. I just created a new page on Facebook. It will be mainly a cosplay page where i will share my cosplay photos. Even with all those cosplay websites, i think facebook is still the best place for easy sharing (bad photo quality though). It's just very simple, easy to browse & organized. 

I think it's better because I can reach out to more people (maybe?) since i cant accept everyone's friend request or else my friend list will explode. Also, only people who are interested will get updates & people who are not interested wont have pop ups on their homepage. So i'll post more of my cosplay related things on the page & less on my personal profile. :)

I hesitated a bit when i want to create this page thinking "why create a page when your not a famous person" "no one is going to like your page" "your cosplays are not good enough" but those are not important right? I wanna share my work with people that have the same interest as me. I like to follow cosplayers and admire their cosplays all the time (im quite a stalker-ish person *bewareee* lolll) & maybe someone will enjoy my cosplays too? :)

I a newbie & everyone starts somewhere. Because this is what i love, i will continue & i will try to improve. 

Support my new page~ or [Click here] ^^ x

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