Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Junko Cosplay

A Junko selfie to start the post #vain.. I finally did my Junko shoot! She's my cosplan since last year after watching Dangan Ronpa but much much much delay, will talk about it after i talk about the costume's progress :)

The top that took me the whole day figuring out the patterns and finishing it. Initially, i thought i can finish the whole costume in a day, but i was overestimating myself! lol

Skirt making. I really love making pleated skirts! It's easy and they look nice ...Really enjoyed making Junko skirt because of the plaid fabric that is very easy to work with! No drawing lines or markings needed, just measure, cut and sew according to the pattern! #lazyperson ... The fabric is one of the reasons that this cosplan was delayed because i can't really find the tartan pattern that i'm satisfied with. After much searching i finally found the pattern that i want!

& ta-daaa! The end product! The necktie took me some time figure it out & finally i got the pattern right, it was quite simple actually but i think too much xD.. The collar was made very badly (i suck at collars TwT), it need to be pinned to stay in place. & my collar can't stand because i only found out about interfacing recently @@.. *Amateur sewer* but overall i'm very happy with it. 

A shot of our kawaii Vanilla that day that i just have to share even though it's unrelated. lol ...Moving on to why the shoot was delayed. I finished my costume in around March & in April, i was fully ready after receiving my wig & Monokuma. Pm-ed a friend photographer for my Junko shoot at the beginning of May & he said okay. I told him that i want a dark & classroom themed shoot & he pm-ed me at the end of May telling me he will search for a suitable location.

After 3 months not hearing from him, i gave up on waiting & had a simple shoot with Zach. So hard to find cosplay photographer in Kuching :(

Simple set up by me with a plain background + Zach being Zach. Very happy with the shoot! I love Zach shooting for me. Even though he is not an actual photographer, I will prefer him as my photographer anytime. If only i have more photography equipment, wanna try different styles of shooting. & with him, I can pose more freely & i can boss him around until he gets nice shots xD 

New header for my cosplay page! For more photos, stay updated here: 

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