Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Asuna Kitchen wear Cosplay

[Costume making post] :)

Asuna selfie from recent shoot. The shortest shooting session ever! It was a very bad day but im not here to blog about that xD

Today's post is a costume progress post! I really love to see the progress of anything & everything, how "nothing" becoming "something" lol? .. So i always love to take a lot of progress pictures of the costumes i make & i will feel very sad when i forget to~

The base. It was a very simple pattern but took me some time to think through. Which reminds me that i forgot to snap a picture of my draft :(... Pink bows on the neck have nothing to do with Asuna, it is for another costume that i made half-assed. LL costume~ *hint hint* ;)

Everything was pinned on at first to make sure everything is in place before sewing them on.

Full view.


Bows making for the sleeves. 

*This set of photos taken from my phone turned out foggy & i don't know why :/

Hand-sewed on.


Posted a photo of this costume on my cosplay page that is not completed & ironed yet, feel so embarrassed now because it looks like crap! But don't feel like taking it down or re-posting lol

Side view. Oh, & i also used a green zipper on the costume matching the sleeves (forgot to snap picture) cuz i happen to have one & lazy to go out a to get a white one. & it turned out very nice rather than just plain white! You can't really see it but i love how the colour matched ♥ 

& a shot from the 5 minutes shoot to end the post :) 

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