Monday, November 24, 2014

Otakyun! 2014 [Day 2]

I kept missing out previous local events because of busy schedule. This time i made sure to join no matter what. Cleared off some of my schedules & i manged to join day2 & day3 during the afternoon-evening & still have other plans for morning & night. Glad i was able to clear off afternoon schedule if not i won't be able to join & completely missed out the whole event again ><... What a busy weekend!

*Missed out day 1 because of prom*

Tried joining the cosplay competition for the first time & decided to dance Start Dash!

Learnt the routine & rushed out the costume a few days before competition. (will blog about Start Dash costume wip another time)...Very last minute, that's why there are mistakes during performance. >< *not going to post out the video xD* .. I think it was my first time dancing with a wig & i find it quite challenging. Unlike real hair, it will get messed up very easily & i kept worrying that the wig will fly off during stage performance LOL because i seen it happen before .. Also felt weird dancing solo for a three person routine~

Changed into uniform version to join my LL team 

One of the reasons that im excited for Otakyun! Guest cosplayers Onnies & Kappy ♥.. Super love their costumes *w*.. Sad that i missed out their meet & greet session on day 3.

Got the Haru-chan pillow that Z risked his life for lollll... Thank you 

Selfie collage~

My Umi & Kotori-chan ♥.. They are one of the committees of the event & was busy running around the whole day, leaving awkward Honoka alone :'( ... So we only got a few pictures together.

Some pictures from Erleen~ 

- Day 2 end -

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