Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Frozen Anna costume making

Finally did my Anna cosplay shoot together with Rushi as Elsa! My freckles very fail :( ... Finished the costume back in July, how time flies! Wanna re-shoot cuz i would like to wear this costumes again xD.

Fabric shopping!  ...The shades of colour i chose. 

Started with the skirt.

Lots & lots of hand embroidery. This is the part that took most of my time!!

My reference for the skirt pattern :)

Top base.

More embroidery!

On-going embroidery. Its very inconsistent & imbalance & i know there are other easier ways to make the patterns but i really love the embroidery feel 

After embroidery & adjustments to the shaping.

Reference for top pattern :)

Shaping on Anna's cloak.

Was unable to find purple fur balls so i cut out circles of felt.


Overall look  ... & also my hat that took me the whole night figuring out the shape! Wig is from - 青墨COS for people that are interested :)

A shot from the recent shoot. Photo by Demitri :)

- End -

Friday, December 5, 2014

Love Live! START DASH making.

Honoka Start Dash! costume. Rushed out the costume in around 3 days to join the cosplay competition at Otakyun!


Circle skirt for inner white dress.

Ribbon making ♥ 

Zipper attached.

+ buttons & gold lining~ Done! 

White inner dress couldn't fit my mannequin after attaching the zipper (mannequin too fat lol), so couldn't get a completed costume picture. :(

Full view. Selfie on Otakyun! day 2. Spot my little Ginger doing the "shy" pose & Vanilla under the table~ :3

Boots cover are also self-made with same fabric use for the costume so they'll match perfectly. Interfacing + sneakers inside~ Quite badly made & was torn a bit after the event lol~  

Overall quite satisfied with the costume ^^.. Though i think it is a bit too pink for me (love pink but don't usually wear pink lol)~ But Love Live is love!  ... Looking forward in making more LL costumes! So more pink in the future maybe? xD

♥ ♥ 

- End -